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Why should I buy a 


  • You are buying a piece of art to beautify your kitchen which also happens to be one of your most practical products of everyday use.

  • You are buying a piece of functional art to help facilitate the joyful experience of preparing and eating your meals with those you love.

  • You are buying a high quality piece of USA craftsmanship made from ecologically sound USA timber.

2 Types of Blocks

End Grain vs. Straight Grain

What's a 

The exclusive Shelterbelt38 blocks are made entirely from the Midwest region timber where shelterbelts (a.k.a. hedgerows or windbreaks) were planted back in the late 1930’s to be the most effective means of counteracting the Dust Bowl.  Farming practices of the day resulted in massive amounts of soil being caught up into the air and carried even as far as the Atlantic Ocean.  The trees that our past generations have planted have served us well in keeping our farmlands intact.  Now, we continue to be served by them as we craft the fruit of their labor into stunning Shelterbelt38 blocks.  

Inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us, hand-crafted blocks for your kitchen.


Cook With Those You Love

When choosing your Graver Block, it is important to understand the main distinction between the two types.  There are “straight grain” cutting boards (often referred to as serving platters) and then there are “end grain” cutting boards (often referred to as “butcher blocks”).


End grain cutting boards offer not only intricate design but also durability and resiliency. The orientation of the wood fibers allows them to open up to accept a knife’s edge (which makes them easy on the blade) and also close back up again to some degree (which keeps the board looking fantastic after long years of use).


Straight grain cutting boards are naturally beautiful and many people choose to use them primarily as cheese boards or serving platters. They take less wood, time and labor to make.  This makes them an economical choice. Please note that they will show knife marks more than end grain boards.   

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